How Do You Visit Colleges Without Leaving Home?


Thanks to NACAC Virtual College Fairs for their sponsorship of this post. The opinions are our own.

High school students who want to visit colleges for tours or information sessions aren’t able to do that at many colleges where visits have been curtailed. Fortunately, NACAC (The National Association for College Admission Counseling) has a solution. They’ve scheduled a series of Virtual College Fairs this spring that ALL students can attend, for FREE, without leaving home.

Visiting a NACAC Virtual College Fair is a great way to learn about colleges. (Twenty20 @NatalyaBodrova)

Here is the calendar for the upcoming fairs and information on where to sign up:

NACAC Virtual College Fairs

Here is where you and your teen can learn more about and register for the FREE NACAC Virtual College Fairs. Dates are as follows:

  • Feb 28 — Sunday, 1-7 pm ET — 600…

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