Here’s What Our Girls Want Us to Know


I have a friend who studied bridges and their purpose in city planning.

She explained how bridges are needed as a city grows and expands. They connect one part of a community to another and offer a safe passage.

We related this concept to raising teens – and why bridges matter in the parent-teen relationship. As a child grows up, their world expands and separates them from their family and familiar territory. They need bridges that take them home and safely back to the people who remind them of who they are.

Teenage girls want to know this. ( photo via Kara Kampakis)

I am looking for ways to build bridges between me and my teen daughters

As a writer for teen girls and a mom of three teen daughters, I’m always looking for ways to build bridges between their hearts and mine. I’ve seen how disconnect often begins when we try to give guidance without awareness of their thoughts,…

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