Here Are The Best 12 Dorm Ideas You Won’t Want to Forget


While you may have covered the basics, here are a dozen dorm ideas you’ll definitely want to consider for your college-bound kid! 

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12 Best Dorm Ideas

1. Mattress encasement

A zippered mattress encasement, that encloses the dorm room brick-like mattress, plus the topper you might have purchased, will all stay cleaner and give your teen the chance for a healthier night’s sleep. AllerEase makes one that is waterproof and is a bedbug and allergen (eg. dust mite) barrier.

2. Long phone charging cable

Many freshmen dorms are old and short on outlets. Since our teens never let their phones leave their hands, the charger needs to stretch from wall to bed, even if that bed is a top bunk. This highly-rated one by Anker is durable, charges at a high-speed and is 10 feet long.


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