Here are 7 Ways to Support Your Bisexual or Gay Teen


Sexuality is fluid and there is more than heterosexuality when it comes to falling in love. By default, we should consider that our kids may fall in love with someone of the same gender. They may fall in love with all genders—yes, gender goes beyond the binary of male and female, but we can talk about that another time.

It would be nice if our kids didn’t feel like they had to come out to us, but most tweens and teenagers still feel nervous about speaking their truth to the ones they love the most. Here are ways you can support your bisexual or gay teen.

When your teen says “Mom. Dad. I’m gay,” know that they are likely nervous and scared. (Luciano Marques/ Shutterstock)

How a Parent Can Support Their Gay Teen

Do NOT Force Them Out Of The Closet.

Maybe you suspect your teenager is gay. DO NOT try to out them. As a queer person who was dragged out of the closet by my religious…

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