Helping My Already Anxious Daughter Through These Times


My oldest child, Allison, was the kid who said she wanted to play soccer, but then made me stay within eyesight at the field, who was excited about going to birthday parties, but made me walk her in and then stay with her until she told me it was ok to go.

Now in her 20’s, she’s stayed that way, throwing herself into what she’s most afraid of, taking flights with a Xanax in her pocket “just in case.” She never takes the Xanax; she just needs to know it’s there, just like she needed me to be in the doorway at the birthday house, or on the edge of the soccer field.

I am her mother and I have no words to comfort her. (Twenty20 @Dari)

My daughter has learned to live with her anxiety

My dad admires her for this trait too, citing Nelson Mandela’s famous quote, “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” He has said this to Allison since…

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