Healthy & Delicious First Trimester Recipes


Healthy & Delicious First Trimester Recipes

A few years ago when my wife became pregnant for the first time I couldn’t wait to start making her delicious and nutritious food that was good not just for her, but for our baby. Disappointed by the negative food advice out there that tended to focus on what you can’t eat, rather than what you can, I started creating my own trimester-specific meals to make her feel confident and good about what she was eating. Since then I’ve helped thousands of people around the world eat better during pregnancy!

Here are a few of my wife’s favorite meals from when she was in her first trimester of pregnancy. I hope you enjoy them!

Nutritious & Delicious First Trimester Recipes

Hearty Mac-n-Cheese with Roasted Butternut Squash and a Parmesan and Brioche Crumb

A satisfying dish for when you just want carbs carbs carbs but with the addition of…

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