He Hauled Trash to Pay for College, Now On to Harvard Law


Tried and true cliches often sound tired and like they may not be true, but sometimes they are all we have to get us through tough times like the ones we are in. Rehan Staton’s story illustrates that the truism that “hard work pays off” is anything but cliche and that adversity can be overcome.

Life was normal until his mom left

Rehan Staton grew up in Bowie, Maryland. In his words, “life was pretty normal until I was eight years old.” Things changed when his mother left his father and moved out of the country. The previously stable life that Rehan and his brother had known, that included private school and financial security, was upended. While Rehan’s father struggled to provide, Rehan’s schoolwork suffered. As Rehan says, “I wasn’t eating meals every day and my dad was working all the time.” 

Someone who went to Rehan’s GoFundMe page last week asked, “Is Carmie a…

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