Have a Party, Risk Expulsion, Dean of Students of Major University Says


Last week after it was reported that Tulane University students were partying over the Fourth of July weekend, Tulane’s Dean of Students Erica Woodley issued a stern warning to all students-shape up or ship out.

Student will have to be responsible or risk expulsion. (Twenty20 @jasontrefry)

The letter addressed to students days that despite the schools pleas to the contrary, students living in New Orleans elected to have large social gatherings without social distancing or face masks. And they chose to share photos of those gatherings on social media.

She went on to tell students that these parties were disruptive and “drew a lot of very negative attention to Tulane. The behaviors of the student hosts and those who chose to attend these parties was disrespectful, selfish and dangerous and not in line with Tulane values. This type of behavior is indefensible and truly shameful.”


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