Great Gifts for Breastfeeding Mothers


Great Gifts for Breastfeeding Mothers

After having a baby, many women plan on breastfeeding. As natural and normal as breastfeeding can be, it is not an easy task for many women. A breastfeeding mother needs support from family and friends. A way to be supportive is to acknowledge their efforts and give gifts to help them pursue their breastfeeding goals. Here are some great gifts for future breastfeeding mothers that will show them you care.

Nipple Cream

A new mother’s body must adjust when beginning to breastfeed. The breast and areola go back and forth from being wet and dry. Ultimately this dries out the nipples, leaving them more susceptible to cracking and bleeding. Nipple cream is wonderful for moisture and preventing nipple damage during the first several days of breastfeeding. Expecting mothers are always encouraged…

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