Going Grey? See What Celebrities and Others are Doing About Their Roots


First there was a run on toilet paper, cleaning products and paper towels…now everyone is flocking to the “cover your grey” aisle, or are they? Surely, you say, there are more pressing problems right now than the fact that our grooming habits are on a bit of a hiatus.

And you would be right but, truth be told, there is almost nothing that garners as much interest than the fact that, little by little, our roots are being revealed.

Celebrities are coloring their grey hair

We are facing is a real corona color conundrum. Stars are jumping into the great grey debate. Kelly Ripa waded into the fray with a completely relatable Instagram story called “Root Watch-week one”

Kelly Ripa/ Instagram

Kimberly Williams Paisley posted on her Instagram account that her husband, super-star C&W singer, Brad, has been coloring her hair.

Hilary Duff went blue.

And some people are just plain inspired…

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