G is for Gym (Play Gym) #A2ZChallenge


I believe in eating what I like and sweating it out in the gym. – Irina Shayk

Do you know that spending time in the gym is one of my favourite things! Oh yes, I go to the gym. Wondering, how come during lockdown I am stepping out for my workouts? Well, I have a personal gym! a gym or better known as a play gym at home. I also have a trainer, none other than Miss A. She teaches me new exercises each day and helps me improve my workout.

Miss A instructing Baby A

The play gym was gifted to me by my uncle and aunty. They wanted me to use it from that very day. So Mommy opened it and set it up for me. Though play gyms can be used as early as day one, but I never really knew what was happening. Having said that I started enjoying my workouts when I turned 3 months.

By 3 months I realised that my gym is a fascinating place. It is an apple-shaped (as told by Miss A) mat with long green…

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