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Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Few of life’s events can have you bursting at the seams as much as “we’re making a human!” will. Sharing this news with those you love, like, or just tolerate, has become easier and more instantaneous than ever with the advent of social media. These days, most moms-to-be want to share their pregnancy announcement with as many people as possible . . . and the cuter idea the better!

Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (That are Perfect for Social Media!)

Here are some fun and unique pregnancy announcement ideas for you to share your incredible news. Whether you like to use humor, romance, or a sweet surprise, these ideas are some of the most picture-worthy around!

Say it With Sweets!

What sweeter way to reveal your bun in the oven than to use treats that can be shared as part of the celebration of good news?

Eating Tacos for Two cookies from

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