From High School Senior to College Freshman


Just a year ago I spent a lot of time simply gazing at my daughter. A lot of long, wistful stares as she did pedestrian things like toast a frozen waffle, brush her hair, scroll through Instagram, even sleep. I was a bit of a creeper. And I took photos sometimes. (Ok, a lot of times) Like bizarre surveillance photos. Sometimes she would bust me and say, “Mom, seriously?”

Maybe I was trying to hold on to the “lasts” as she wrapped up her senior year of high school. Maybe I thought I could stop time and she wouldn’t soon be 18, packing up, moving on, moving out. Maybe I was having a weird mom crisis as I wrapped my mind around a chapter in my parenting journey coming to a close and all the things I could have done better.

Life after senior year of high school

I had a lot of unanswered questions and nerves and hopes and dreams about what would happen after this era…such is the…

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