Friends Themed Kids Birthday Party


Friends Themed Kids Birthday Party

We love a good birthday party theme. And we always tell people, a kid’s first birthday party is really for the parents. So why not make that first birthday party a theme that everyone will enjoy? Samantha, one of our lovely members in our Moms with Tots Facebook group, recently shared her adorable pictures of her twins’ first birthday party, and we immediately fell in love. It was a Friends birthday party theme! Could that BE any cuter?! Samantha thought of some of the best ways to incorporate this nontraditional kid’s themed television show into the perfect twins’ birthday bash! We love this idea so much that we want it for our next birthday. ? Here are some Friends birthday party ideas that the whole party will adore!

How did you come up with this birthday theme for your kids?

As crazy as it sounds, I had actually been thinking…

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