For One Mom and Daughter, Match Day is a Perfect Match


Parenting often feels like a journey we take together with our children. For one amazing mom and daughter, this feeling has taken on a whole new meaning, literally.

In May, Cynthia Kudji and her daughter, Jasmine Kudji, both graduated from medical school and became doctors. That is a special and meaningful accomplishment in and of itself. What makes their story remarkable is their backstory and the fact that they both luckily matched at LSU School of Medicine in Louisiana, and will begin working in the same hospital system on July 1. Cynthia will join the Family Medicine program and Jasmine will specialize in General Surgery.

While the mother-daughter pair will continue their medical training in the same locations, they walked very different paths to get there. 

Dr. Cynthia Kudji, is originally from Ghana, West Africa and put her dreams of becoming a doctor on hold when she became a…

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