Five Important Tips For Step-Parents


If you were to have looked up my name and number in my youngest step-daughter’s cell phone, you wouldn’t have found it. Why? Because she had my number filed under “[Expletive-y] Step-Mom.” Who caught a photo of me cooking with a scowl that brought out all my wrinkles (and posted it on Instagram, of course)? One of my step-kids.

I have three step-kids and one of my own. And you know where this is going, right? Either the kids were hard on me, but it all worked out, and everything is fine. Or, have I been heard to advise, “If anyone you know is thinking of marrying a guy with kids, tell them to run away. Run away fast.”

But if you are reading this, it is probably too late for you to run away, so let me offer some pointers for step-moms, if only to allow you to learn from my major, colossal mistakes:

Learn from my mistakes as a step-mother. (Twenty20 @Pinningnarwhals)


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