Five Easy Ways You Can Celebrate Pride This Year


You see me wearing my rainbow PROUD MOM t-shirt and may think to yourself – well, I’m a proud mom too!

Most of us are proud of our kids, and for good reason. In the age of quarantine, maybe your teen helped a younger sibling with their homework or posted a message of support to a frontline worker. Perhaps your child worked really hard on their online assignments and got that elusive A.

I am proud of my son for being comfortable with his sexuality and not hiding it from the world around him. (Shari Bender)

There are countless reasons to be proud of our children. So why, as the parent of a gay son, should I be any prouder of him than I am of my so-called heteronormative daughter?

I am proud of Joe for being able to be true to himself and comfortable enough with his sexuality to not have to hide it from the world around him. I am proud that I can wear the rainbow shirt and send an…

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