Five COVID Lessons I Hope My Family Never Forgets


Remember March? When the world came to a screeching halt? Yeah, me neither.

In the midst of the blurry days and weeks, so much has changed about life that pre-COVID sometimes feels like a dream. Remember when we didn’t have to turn around a block from home because we forgot our mask? When the anxiety of planning a visit with aging parents didn’t shave years off your life?

There was once a time when grocery shopping didn’t require hours of prep on the front end, and a few months ago, every conversation with my two teenage sons didn’t revolve around formerly commonplace activities that are now forbidden.

There is a lot I will be anxious to safely return to–hugging without panic, cheering for my sons in a crowded gym, concerts in favorite venues, spontaneous date nights at our favorite tiny restaurant, classes NOT taught on Zoom. But there are other COVID changes that our family…

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