Fantasy books : Best Disney storybooks for kids


Fantasyland: Best Disney Storybooks (2019-March 2020)

Disney is synonymous to Fantasy, isn’t it? At least for me and my son, many Disney movies trigger a wave of magnificence and creativity. And this wasn’t enough when our visit to Disneyland made us fall in love with their spectacular and awe-inspiring fantasyland for kids and adults equally! When it comes to raising readers, I’ve always believed in keeping a mix of reads, Rhymic, and hilarious books, Value and Lifeskill’s cultivating books, and yes fantasy books too! Disney storybooks have been my boy’s favorites since toddlerhood. I’m certain that kids are more glued to watching Disney movies, but reading the best of Disney storybooks is like an Aladdin flying on his carpet into a different world.

We had compiled our favorite Dr.Suess Storybooks for younger kids and the best of Agatha Christie for older kids.

Here are…

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