Episiotomies: Are They Still a Thing?


Episiotomies: Are They Still a Thing?

My birth plan was all typed out and edited. I’d read everything I could about the pros and cons of typical birth procedures. I wanted skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible, I wanted my partner to clip the cord after it stopped pulsing, and I did not want a routine episiotomy.

The contractions started so close together that there was no waiting time. The nurses did not believe they were as close as I was reporting. My partner and I were trying to play cards on the bed, but I was worried. Every two minutes, like clockwork, another contraction waved over me. “Go for a walk, dear. It will be a while yet,” a nurse told me without any physical check. I got up and tried to go for a walk but was stopped by a single very sharp contraction. Then I went to the washroom and got sick. I knew I was in transition.

On the bed, ready to push, an…

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