Engaging in Your Child’s Play Without Interrupting


A parent hopes to encourage her 21-month old’s self-directed play by sitting with her in her play area observing, “ready to respond if she engages with me.” Lately, she says, her daughter has been asking for help with tasks she can do by herself, and also actively directing both she and her husband to perform various roles. “She wants us to play, and she will watch.” This mom feels this dynamic may be stifling self-direction, so she’s wondering if Janet has any suggestions how she can encourage her daughter’s play without participating herself, while still letting her know she is present and engaged.

Transcript of “Engaging in Your Child’s Play Without Interrupting”

Hi, this is Janet Lansbury, welcome to Unruffled. Today I have an email I received from a parent who has some questions about encouraging her 21-month-old’s…

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