EASIEST Air Fryer Chicken Thighs Recipe (w/ VIDEO) • The Simple Parent


Chicken is a staple when it comes to easy family-friendly meals in our house. My air fryer is another staple as I can whip up meals and snacks in it. Air Fryer Chicken Thighs have become a popular dinner in my family because they pack flavor and pair well with pretty much any side dish I come up with!

Scroll down to get a printable version of what I think is the best air fryer chicken thigh recipe or keep reading to get details and tips for making crispy air fried chicken thighs!


When I started cooking chicken in the air fryer, I started with frozen chicken strips because they’re a staple for my picky kid. He loves how they crisp up and I love the time I save over preheating the oven and baking them.

Since we eat a lot of chicken, it only made sense that I started trying other versions of our favorite protein in the air fryer. I’ve made Air Fryer Chicken…

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