E is for Exercise #A2ZChallenge


“It always seems impossible until it is done!” – Nelson Mandela

These days everyone is at home because of some lockdown. So the only things I see happening are food and exercise. These exercises are in very vague form. Mommy takes a long stick and does something on the floor every day. She says that it is the best form of exercise. Papa does the outside work and picks up another stick to help mommy. While Nani looks after the food and of course Miss A and Me ?

‘But jokes apart I am the only one who exercises maximum’. I exercise during my massage, bathing, playtime, while wearing clothes and trust me even while feeding. Let me tell you how:

When everyone is busy exercising I spend a lot of time with Miss A. Here we both are exercising in our own ways. She talks to me, plays with me and gets me things that fascinate me and maybe I need them someday. These new…

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