Don’t Tell Seniors They Shouldn’t Be Sad


I remember going shopping with my girlfriends for a prom dress. It was early March and we skipped school (with our parents permission) and hit McDonald’s on the way home. We met cute boys in the parking lot and questioned our decisions about who we were going to the dance with.

Don’t belittle the sad feeling that seniors are having. (Shutterstock/ Samuel Borges Photography)

I remember shopping for my own prom

I remember finding the perfect shoes and getting my hair done. I remember where I ate and the all-night party at a friends house I was allowed to attend. I remember lying on the beach the next day with all my best friends having a mixed bag of emotions: happy to be done with high school, excited to go to college, but sad that this chapter in my life was over.

I knew it was coming though and I had years to prepare for this time. What I thought was going to happen did: I went to…

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