DIY PineCone Spider: Art and craft for kids


Every Child is an artist, Picasso said it best! Now, when we have ample time to be with kids (under this #quarantine phase), why not milk it for all it’s worth? Creativity inside a child can never end, as the more creativity you use, the more you have, don’t you agree? Varied art and craft forms help children immensely in their developmental factors. While indoors, for us, art and crafts are something that keeps us our excitement levels high. Keep reading to watch our PineCone Spider video.

Benefits of Art and Crafts for Kids:

Right from using waste items as a main crafty prop, to showcasing an abstract art(from Kids perceptions), the world of art and crafts is truly magical. Art and craft help kids in many ways:

  • 1. Developing Fine motor skills and Hand-Eye coordinations
  • 2. Boosts their self-confidence
  • 3. Acts as a way to express their emotions, thoughts
  • 4. Promotes their creativity…

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