DIY Hanging Planters : Easy craft with Kids


DIY Hanging Planters

There are ample ways to create beautiful homes for our plant babies, don’t you agree? E-commerce is buzzing with stunning ceramic, metal, macrame, clay plant-stands, Glass Terrariums, which adds to the indoor beauty immensely. The choices of indoor plants have diversified, with ample low-maintenance Indoor plants to choose from. You can easily take advantage of the walled space and design DIY Hanging planters (for indoors or even for your garden).

Here are some 5 best Indoor Hanging Plants we love:

1. Arrowhead Plant:

These vines grow beautiful with time. As babies, the leaves have arrowhead shape which grows into “fingers”. They are available not just in the green shade, but their pink variant is also easily available. Suspend these plants on your plant hanger as they grow long adding to the indoor beauty.

2. Boston Fern:

Boston Fern is also an air purifying…

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