Different Childbirth Classes and What They Offer


Different Childbirth Classes and What They Offer

Childbirth is an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental rollercoaster. And if it is your first time, it is unlike anything you have experienced before. Whether you are planning for a natural birth or a C-section, childbirth is a deeply personal and vulnerable experience. It is important to prepare for the experience so that you can know all of your options and be clear about what is important to you. There are a wide variety of childbirth classes to choose from below. As you look to choose one of them, some key questions/things to keep in mind which can help guide you are:

  • It is important to educate yourself not only on labor and delivery but on pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Think about who YOU would like to have with you as you labor and deliver.
  • Whether you would like to try to deliver naturally or are you planning on asking for…

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