Dear Daughters, Here’s My Life and Laundry Checklist for You


Dear Daughters,

Now you are both teenagers, looking at colleges and going to college, and talking about how you plan to decorate your first apartment. I hope I’ve done a good job preparing you for life on your own, but I know I’ve missed a lot. This isn’t going to make up for all those misses, but I still want to pass along a few things I think you need to know. Most of these, I’ve told you before, so just look at this as your “what was it mom used to say about. . .” refresher course.

And if all else fails, text me. In fact, feel free to text me even if all else isn’t failing. I like hearing from you.

I want to pass on a few things I think you need to know. (Prostock-studio/ Shutterstock)

Advice to my daughters

1. When in doubt, wash clothes in cold water on the gentle cycle.

2. Treat people gently, too.

3. You also want cold water to get out blood and chocolate.

4. Speaking…

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