D is for Diapers #A2ZChallenge


“No one likes change… but babies in diapers.” – Barbara Johnson

After Mommy regained consciousness we were shifted to the room. People clad in green and white uniforms asked Nani for clothes to dress me up. They were given a soft cotton frock and a baby-pink sheet which kept me warm, but something kept troubling my bum. I was feeling a little tight on it. Later when Nani took me in her lap, I heard her say, “Let me settle your diaper, it must be hurting you”.

Once we were back home Mom continued to use diapers almost all day and night until I was 1 month old. One morning during my massage time, she found that my bum was not as soft as it was at the time of my birth. There were eruptions on it. It was red and yes, it hurt. I remember crying a lot. Mommy was guilty and that whole day she left me without a diaper. She used quite a few diaper rash creams, coconut oil,…

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