Creamery Reminds Patrons That Kindness Is More Important Than Ever


We are all sick of the effects of Covid. Pained by the loss of life, saddened by the illness and frustrated by what has been taken from our daily lives. But that is NOT a reason to take our feelings out on others and certainly not on teens just trying to do their job scooping ice cream.

As summer wears on and the heat and our frustrations rise, we could all do well to think about the experiences of this ice cream parlor.

Employees at Mootown work hard all summer (via Mootown Creamery)

Sadly Mootown Creamery in Berea, Ohio had to remind the public not to reduce their employees to tears. We are in a very sad place when yelling at a teen trying to do her summer job is acceptable. Angela Books, the owner of the shop took to Facebook with a reminder we all need to hear. Her employers, including her how daughter had been cursed at and call “paranoid” and “anti-American” for wearing…

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