Copycat Cracker Barrel French Toast Recipe Anyone Can Make!


While my husband is pretty much a fan of most any breakfast food, he definitely has a soft spot for french toast. We’re both huge fans of the Cracker Barrel French Toast recipe so of course, I had to make our own version!

French toast is a dish that is tied to many childhood Christmas memories for him and I’m pretty sure he wishes his mom still made it every year. Every so often I take him out for Cracker Barrel french toast and he says it’s almost like his mom’s recipe.

 Copycat Cracker Barrel French Toast

The great thing about a copycat french toast recipe is that you can get very close to the flavors you love without having to go out to eat! Will it be exactly the same? Maybe not! But if you learn how to make Cracker Barrel French toast at home, you’ll be able to enjoy it more (and save money on eating out too)!

I’ll admit that when I usually make french toast, I just…

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