Cooking has become my coronavirus therapy


On March 13th, I ordered groceries from a delivery app. Earlier that day, I’d left work early as the spread of coronavirus had officially hit the city where I live, and businesses began encouraging employees to work from home. My order had 25 items, mostly staples that would get us through a few days until we had a better understanding of what was happening, and was scheduled to come at 6 p.m.. At 10 p.m., the delivery finally arrived, but with only the seven items the shopper was able to locate. My heart sunk.

Ever since COVID-19 was deemed a pandemic and 45-minute lineups at the grocery store became the norm, my anxiety around food has skyrocketed. Is it really safe to be going to the store? How much should I be stocking up on things? What do I even buy at a time like this?

I wasn’t prepared for the uncomfortable feeling that came from seeing completely…

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