Comforting Your High School Senior When You Have No Clue What’s Coming


It’s not uncommon for a teenage boy to spend hours on end in his bedroom during ordinary times. Sleeping, doing homework, and playing video games—and not necessarily in that order. But these times are not ordinary.

During our these last weeks at home, it’s been painful watching my eighteen-year-old son sulk in his room for what seems like most of the day. The things that typically propel him down the stairs—school, friends, sports—have been taken away indefinitely.

We’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of him when he’s hungry, or so bored upstairs that he can’t take it anymore, and he stops by the kitchen or the family room for a quick check-in before returning to his den of seclusion.

I wish I could say anything to take away my son’s disappointment. (Twenty20 @musiena)

It’s hard to watch your kids struggle

I get it. I was a teenager once. I specifically remember…

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