College Seniors, We Got Your Back- Signed America


Uncertain times.

We are living in the midst of unbelievably and unprecedented uncertain times.

Right now, millions of young people have had their lives turned upside down, and the uncertainty is both overwhelming and anxiety inducing on levels we’ve never seen before. For high school seniors, there are so many wonderful senior traditions and milestones that will be sorely missed, and that for which our teens and their parents should feel free to mourn. There are missed senior luncheons, proms, grad nights, honors banquets, sports banquets, and class trips that have been planned for years, just to name a few. 

College seniors have lost much to COVID-19

But for college seniors? Of course there are memorable milestones and plenty of collegiate traditions that will also be sorely missed, but there are also the much bigger, and much more important parts of their senior spring semester…

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