College Dorm List Must Contain These 4 Crucial Things


College freshmen are finalizing plans for school and, no doubt, their university has provided them with a long list of necessary items – immunization forms, financial information, and registration instructions. In our household, my wife and teen have downloaded the college dorm checklist and headed off to Bed Bath and Beyond to get the requisite shower caddies and surge protectors. They’ve rented the micro fridge and selected the meal plan.

The items on the list are nearly all checked off. But speaking from experience, here are four items to add to your student’s college dorm list before they venture off for their extended stay away from home.

Four safety items to add to the dorm checklist

1. Health Services Arrangements
The campus probably has a student health center and your student already has information on hours, coverage requirements, records transfer, etc. However, on most…

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