Choose Kindness In the Age of Covid-19


For a few days there were rumblings on social media about people hoarding toilet paper and bottles of water. It was a bit funny, until it wasn’t. 

After lots of jokes, someone posted a supermarket picture that stopped me cold and brought on panic. The tampon aisle was bare. There were no baby wipes or formula. Also, no bread or pasta either. No diapers. No medicine. The shelves looked absolutely postapocalyptic. And here’s why my alarm grew exponentially: There are people who literally cannot survive without some of these basic items.  

I immediately thought about my friends with medically fragile kids. I thought about families with infants or those with diabetes. I worried about people who are homebound or too sick or weak to shop. Who is helping them and making sure they have what they need? This is a frightening time for everyone, but not for everyone equally.  

In dark…

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