Chocos Vanilla Cookie Sandwich : No-bake cookie recipe


No-Bake Cookie with Kids

In the last post, I shared about Baking with Kids and also the recipe for Eggless Banana Cinnamon Walnut cake, which is my son’s favorite. Recently, we tried our hands on something quick, a No-bake yet delicious cookie. And my lil boy named it Chocos Vanilla Cookie Sandwich. With minimal ingredients, easily available at home and absolutely No baking, this cookie became an instant hit with him.

This No-bake cookie recipe can be tried with children right from 3 years. Making cookies is simple and getting kids involved in this process will make it more fun. Also, since it does not involves any work with flour, it is also less messy (for all those moms worrying about the mess created). It is all the more tempting for kids, as it involves a generous addition of Vanilla Ice-cream. Since summers are already here, it is a perfect time to relish this cookie…

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