Chick Picks: The Best Double Strollers


Chick Picks: The Best Double Strollers

Are you expecting twins?! Or are you expecting your second or third child and considering upgrading your single stroller to a double stroller? (Your two hands can only carry and do so much, you know.) We know that double strollers can be big, bulky, heavy and expensive so deciding on one that is best for your family is a big decision. It needs to be able to last for years. Here are some things that you need to consider before you decide on your double stroller:

  1. Do you want a tandem double stroller (one seat behind the other) or a side-by-side double stroller? They both have their pros and cons.
  2. Will this stroller be used every day or only occasionally–like for outdoor adventures only?
  3. Will you have two newborns (twins) or one newborn and one toddler in the stroller? (A newborn and a toddler generally do better in a side-by-side stroller. )
  4. Do both seats need to accommodate infant car seats?
  5. If you have a toddler and a newborn, does the stroller have a high weight limit to accommodate the older child?

As I said, there is a lot to consider. But not to worry. We’re sharing the top double strollers for families!

1. UPPAbaby VISTA V2

Chick Picks Double Strollers: Vista V2

Buy Now ($929)

We love the Vista convertible stroller. It’s a great investment that can truly grow with your family because it can accommodate up to three kids. When you purchase the Vista it will come with one seat and a bassinet as well as a rain/bug shield. You will have to purchase the second seat or a car seat for another seating option. Add a kickstand (not included) and your third child can ride along!

2. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Chick Picks Double Strollers City Select

Buy Now ($630)

The City Select convertible stroller is another great options that also grows from a single stroller to a double. You can also add a standing board for a third child to ride along! What’s cool is that there are 16 different configurations for this stroller AND each seat holds up to 45 pounds. Big fans over here.

best double strollers 2017 | Baby Chick

3. Nuna DEMI grow

Chick Picks: Best Double Strollers | Baby Chick

Buy Now ($800)

With 23 configurations, this stroller accommodates both a baby and their sibling. The customizable dual suspension allows for easy riding on rough terrain or smooth surfaces, and the one-touch central braking system makes the stroller easy to stop. And for all those outings, the oversized removable, extendable and protective UPF 50+ canopy with a pull-out dream drape™ provides your little ones with additional sun coverage.

Chick Picks: Best Double Strollers | Baby Chick

4. BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Double Stroller

Chick Picks Double Strollers

Buy Now ($700)

BOB strollers have been rated the top jogging strollers out there and this Revolution FLEX 3.0 is our favorite. This is the smoothest riding double stroller. You may think that this is only for the outdoors–which it can be–but you can also unlock the front wheel and make it super easy to maneuver around town. You can also pair it with their BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax to create a travel system. Moms and dads give this stroller two thumbs up!

5. Joovy Scooter X2

best double strollers 2017 | Baby Chick

Buy Now ($220)

Known as the “SUV of double strollers,” this is another excellent side-by-side double stroller option. The Joovy Scooter X2 is great for twins or younger and older siblings to sit down and enjoy the ride. We love the functionality and the style and especially that it has an affordable price tag. ? Some people worry that this stroller won’t be able to fit through doorways, but this 30″ wide stroller can fit through most standard doorways. It also supports up to 45 pounds per child (90 pounds total!). With independently reclining seats and footrests, your little ones will love the stroller too.

6. Bugaboo Donkey

Chick Picks: Best Double Strollers | Baby Chick

Buy Now ($1,400)

Here’s another side-by-side stroller that we can’t help but drool over. The Bugaboo convertible Donkey stroller can be arranged into three different configurations: a single stroller with a basket, a side-by-side double stroller, and a side-by-side double stroller with one seat forward-facing and the other parent-facing. It’s a smooth ride with impeccable styling and functionality. It’s a steep price, but oh so worth it. FYI, each seat can carry 37 pounds.

7. Graco Ready2Grow LX

best double strollers 2017 | Baby Chick

Buy Now ($136)

This Graco Ready2Grow stroller is a great lightweight, narrow and affordable option that converts into 12 different riding positions from infant to youth. We love that the seats move independently, that it fits through all doorways and that it is car seat compatible!

best double strollers 2017 | Baby Chick

8. Baby Jogger City Mini GT

best double strollers 2017 | Baby Chick

Buy Now ($499)

In this City Mini GT, Baby Jogger has included the all-terrain wheels, an adjustable handlebar, a hand-operated brake, and a plush seats that holds up to 100 pounds total! It’s a great option for indoors and outdoors. We really like how it has two separate sun canopies, unlike the Joovy listed above, and that they have peek-a-boo windows on each. The seats are also padded well and are extra roomy which is perfect for taller children. Accessory options–sold separately–also allow you to transform this stroller into a travel system or pram.

9. Chicco Echo Twin

best double strollers 2017 | Baby Chick

Buy Now ($150

The side-by-side umbrella stroller design on this Chicco Echo Twin stroller provides a compact fold, which makes it easy to throw in the car and be on the go. The carry handle and lightweight design make it practical and easy for all families. This stroller also has dual canopies that you can adjust individually. Another cool thing about this double stroller is that the seats can be adjusted to 4 different positions, and the leg rests can be adjusted to two positions to ensure a comfortable ride for your babies.

10. UPPAbaby G-Link 2

Chick Picks Uppababy GLink 2

Buy Now ($350)

For another double umbrella stroller options, we love the G-LINK 2. It’s so lightweight, compact, easy to fold, it’s perfect for families on the go. We really like that it has independent reclining seats and that the footrests are adjustable to support different nap times. ? Made for babies from birth to years beyond, it’s the one that does the work for two!

11. Evenflo Pivot Xpand

Chick Picks: Best Double Strollers | Baby Chick

Buy Now ($330)

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand effortlessly transitions from a single to double stroller without extra parts or tools — simply slide up and flip out integrated seat mounts to add a second seat. You get the frame, child seat, car seat and base for one price! Designed for ultimate flexibility, the frame accommodates up to 22 configurations, for infant and child seating at various heights in both parent-facing and forward-facing modes. The toddler seat easily converts to infant mode, cradling baby at a comfortable angle and can be used forward or parent-facing. Watch a video we did about it here!

12. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

Chick Picks Double Strollers Nano Duo

We love how compact the Nano Duo from Mountain Buggy is!  Perfect for travel as it folds up and has a shoulder strap for carrying. It comes in the cutest colors and can accommodate one or two infant car seats. Read our full review of the Nano Duo here.

Buy Now ($399)

That’s our list of top double strollers! Do you have a double stroller that you just adore?

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