Chick Picks: Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies


Whether you plan on breastfeeding your baby exclusively or giving your baby a bottle from the beginning, we recommend every family to have a few baby bottles on hand when they welcome home their newborn. Some of the reasons being: breastfeeding can be difficult. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Or your child might have a milk allergy and supplementing with formula might need to become an option. And the most common reason a breastfeeding baby may need to take a bottle is that sometimes mom may have to be away from her child before baby’s next feeding. Or mom might want her partner to help with a feeding. Because newborns typically eat every 2-4 hours, pumping allows mothers to build up an emergency freezer stash of breast milk if she ever needs a little break or has to be away before baby’s next feeding. But not all breastfed babies have the easiest time accepting a baby…

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