Celebrating Rainbow Babies and Safe Sleep with Love to Dream™


The moment you decide to expand your family, your mentality transforms. You are no longer thinking singularly. You begin thinking like a mother. Everything becomes about what is best for your family, and what is best for your hopeful, soon-to-be baby. And when you finally see that faint second line of a positive pregnancy test, your whole world changes in the happiest way. There is nothing you wouldn’t do to protect your growing child.

But then there are devastatingly heartbreaking times when a mother loses a baby–during pregnancy or afterward. Her world changes yet again, but this time she feels like she’s been swallowed whole and spit back out. She wonders how her heart is still beating because it feels like it has shattered into a million tiny pieces. And with time, if those families decide to try again for another baby, how scary it must be. But also, how strong and brave…

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