Decreasing Labor Pains: A New Parents Guide

As a childbirth instructor, I am fascinated by pain, our responses to it, and how to make painful experiences better. Because of this, I have found many,...

What is a Peri Bottle Used For Postpartum?

Many first time parents wonder what a peri bottle is used for and if they should buy one in preparation for the postpartum period.  In this blog...

30 Powerful Bible Verses for Kids About Who They Are

I love bible verses for kids that teach children about who God is, who they are according to their creator, and their purpose in life.Who Am I?The...

Stop Telling Women They Don’t Have to Push!

I’ve seen a handful of articles floating around on the interwebs saying that during delivery, women don’t have to push. This is not helpful information!Based on my...

The Silver Lining of Vomiting During Labor

Vomiting during labor sounds pretty awful. I mean, it’s kinda like getting kicked when you’re already down. No mother is excited to hear that throwing up during...

40 Exciting At-Home Activities for Pregnancy

Whether you are a homebody by nature or just looking for a diverting activity to keep things fresh, these 40 at-home activities for pregnancy will keep the...

How to Give Birth Alone in a Hospital

  No woman should have to give birth alone. However, sometimes life just deals us a bad hand and unfortunately, new parents are not exempt. If, for whatever reason,...

How to Manage Anxiety During Pregnancy, Naturally

Anxiety during pregnancy can manifest itself in many ways – headaches, fatigue, poor appetite/diet, lack of sleep, irritability, etc. During pregnancy we should strive for peace in...

Pregnancy and Coronaviruses (COVID-19) – What You Need to Know

Becoming a parent can feel daunting at times, especially when parents realize their new arrivals do not come with instruction manuals. Similarly, though not quite as cute, the...

What Do Braxton Hicks Feel Like During Pregnancy?

When pregnant with my first child I did not know what Braxton Hicks contractions felt like.  It wasn’t until my midwife placed my hands on my tightening...

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