Can We Give this Year’s Seniors a Chance To Love Their Senior Year?


My high schooler’s senior picture session did not get off to a very promising start. She’d scheduled an evening time slot in hopes of getting sunset lighting, but just minutes before the assigned time, her photographer (a fabulous recent grad from my daughter’s school) called from the middle of a family emergency. Could they push the time back an hour and a half?

My teenager fought back tears to avoid ruining her makeup, and we waited—anxiously watching the sun start its descent. We were both sure she’d run out of daylight, but her photographer assured us her camera handled low light well and promised the photos would be stunning. 

Which they were: the sinking sun backlit my daughter and literally made her glow. The light, as it turned out, was just right.

Senior year might not be how they imagined it, but our teens can still love it. (Twenty20 @SBPhoto)

Senior year for the…

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