C is For Colours #A2ZChallenge


“Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour!” – Unknown

After my stay in ‘Womb Inn’, my new world looked quite bright and colourful. In the initial days, I had trouble identifying objects and thing. The best I could focus on was things which were somewhere around 8 to 10 inches from my face. I thought that this was the perfect distance for me as I could easily see mommy’s face whenever she snuggled me.

When I was brought home, my room was full of some circular objects that seemed to be floating all around me. I could not see the colour clearly, but Miss A kept saying, “see the pink balloons … only for you.” I had never seen such a sight. and I sure was intrigued by them!

Around 8 weeks, I started recognizing faces especially of my parents’. One day something on the ceiling moved. I looked up and wondered what it was? Mommy noticed me staring at…

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