Best Instant Personal loan apps in India


Instant Personal loan apps in India:

In the last post under the Money mantra series, I discussed “How to arrange quick funds in case of an Emergency (and when you don’t have Emergency Funds). One of the most emerging trends from the last few years has been opting for Instant Cash Loan or Personal Loan from Instant Personal Loan apps in India. The last 2 years have seen such a huge surge that multiple small and big firms are entering into the Instant money lending business. It seems like it has never been easier for borrowers to access credit with that ease. 

Are you in dire need of cash? Banking processes can get lengthy and a loan from banks depends upon your credit rating, balance, and many other factors. Have you faced loan rejection (due to credit profiling) or is the loan requirement not huge? Or are you a college student or newly employed and need urgent cash? Then there…

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