Be Right, Be Wrong, Be Quiet and 17 Other Pieces of Advice for My College Kid


You are embarking on a great journey and I know there will be times that you won’t come to me, so I am giving you some advice for college in advance. Some is old, some is new, but I want you to remember all of these things.

Here is a moms’ advice to her off-to-college daughter. (TB Kilman)

Advice to my daughter as she leaves for college

1. Be kind. To everyone, all the time. No excuses. If you have nothing nice to say, smile and walk away.

2. Be generous. Not just with money, but with your smiles, hugs, laughter, and time.

3. Be tolerant. You are one unique person in a world of 7 billion. Most of them will not believe as you do or live as you do. Accept their choices.

4. Be studious. Commit to doing your work with purpose. No matter what your age, learning never stops.

5. Be right. Stand up for your beliefs and do what is right, even though doing the right thing isn’t always easy….

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