Baking with kids : Eggless Banana Cinnamon Walnut cake


Baking with Kids:

Did you ever bake as a kid? I remember myself baking lots of cakes, all without any cream or icing, since I relished it then as an evening snack. It used to be cashew cake, walnut cake and a simple vanilla-cherry cake back then. Though, I never continued this passion, as I moved to cities for higher studies and then the job! It got lost in the race of building a successful life. I started baking again, and this time with my son and these #stayathome days are giving me a perfect opportunity to bake cookies, cakes, muffins with him. Before I share our Banana Cinnamon walnut cake recipe, here are few tips while baking with Kids:

1. Messy: It’s okay if you find the flour flying around. Baking with younger kids does get messy, but that shouldn’t stress you, as its a fun and yummy activity you can do to engage them.

2. Patience: Baking with kids involves a lot of…

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