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Baby Registry Must-Haves 2020

A major to-do item on your “prepare for baby” list is creating your baby registry. And with so many baby products out on the market and new ones launching all the time, it can get overwhelming to know what products to register for. We have a full baby registry checklist that really breaks everything down for you, but today we’re showing you the baby registry must-haves for 2020. Here are all of the top baby items in 2020 that you’ll want to add to your baby registry.


Sleep is something every expecting parent hopes they’ll get (at least a little of) after the baby is born. We all need sleep–a true essential–and having the right sleep items to encourage your little one to catch the most ZZZ’s is critical. Here is where our baby registry must-haves comes in. ? You must create a safe sleep environment for naps and nighttime for…

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