Baby Heat Rash: Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies


Baby Heat Rash: Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies

Baby heat rash is a rash that typically presents as red skin with clear or white bumps. They are most commonly found on your child’s face, neck, groin, under folds of skin, or along the midsection of the body, though it can appear anywhere.  This generally benign rash is also called “miliaria” and “prickly heat” as it results in an itchy or tingly feeling for your baby.

Baby heat rash itself if generally harmless and easily treatable. But in some cases, it can point to another, more severe issue, such as over-heating or dehydration. Here are some tips for recognizing baby heat rash, what tends to cause it, and how to treat it.

Recognizing and Treating Baby Heat Rash

Doctors typically categorize heat rash into three types depending on the severity of the…

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