As You Leave for College, Did I Remember to Tell You This?


Did I remember to tell you…

It’s easy to get impatient when tea is steeping, but you’ll be glad you waited the full four minutes.

Never skimp on moisturizer, laundry detergent, or shoes.

There’s a difference between bad people and people who make bad decisions. Treat them accordingly.

As my daughter is about to leave home, did I remember to tell her everything? (Twenty20 @marianna.ok)

Eighteen years seemed like such a long time

Forgive me if you’ve heard all of this before. But, you see, our time is growing short, and I’m afraid of what I’ve forgotten to tell you. Eighteen years seemed like a luxuriously long—and, sometimes, endless—stretch of time when you were a toddler, and then not a toddler. Now, we’re nearing the days when you’ll pack your bags and take the next steps into adulthood. At first, you’ll come back regularly, and then less so. There’s so much…

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