As My Teens Prepare to Enter the Real World, Have I Done Enough?


As parents, we do a lot.

And it all begins before we even bring our little ones home.

We paint nurseries. We put together furniture. We stock the closet with smocked, frilly, monogrammed items. And we scour every single page of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, just waiting to read about exactly how we’ll need to think and feel as the baby progresses each month to the size of some strange fruit.

And then… when our sweet angel arrives, the real fun begins.

We walk the floors with a tiny screaming human in our arms. We clean bottles and pacifiers and change blowout diapers and soiled outfits and burp rags. We lose track of time as we struggle to keep our eyes open and watch hours of television with a sleeping baby on our laps.

And as our babies become children, we obsess over every detail.

I wonder if I’ve done enough to raise my teen. (TreeTree2016/ Shutterstock)

What I…

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